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How many times have you looked up on internet for a certain thing and then you just go for the one on the top?  With Internet becoming the buzz of the day, it is essential to be known over the internet. If you are an individual of course you have to be on Facebook, Twitter. If you are a company you have to be everywhere. Your ads should just pop up with any random click made over the web. Now, how does one know how popular his or her own company is?

Now any word that we enter into our search engine portal, a specific set of pages is shown in threads. Now these words are known as ‘keywords.’ The software Ezeeranktracker is a KEYWORD CHECKER which gives you the exact rank that your company holds in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Now you must wonder, why and how is this relevant? Of course it is. We just don’t want to go on looking, after all what’s the internet for, if not for our convenience? And moreover, the one on the top is the most popular one. So why look beyond? Just go with what the world goes with.

KEYWORD CHECKER helps you keep track of your popularity. It lets you know where you stand, and who all are in the list and above you. One gets to know which are the companies or products which are rated above yours or below. This gives an empirical view of how and what to change in your strategy. This way you can determine what the keywords for your company profile are, and work on it and improve it.

This particular KEYWORDCHECKER gives your profile a rank in SERP over search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. It also relates the number of likes, shares, tweets, comments and such other social signals to your keywords and thereby increasing the efficiency of the software. It reaches across 188 regional Google, Yahoo and Bing domains thereby giving an immeasurable access to people’s choices and your popularity over a larger demography. It also provides for tracking your Youtube Videos. What more can be asked for? The graphical representations, comfortable interface and the chance to add up to ‘unlimited’ keyword per domain just makes the software a perfect tool for measuring, ranking and adding to your brand popularity. There are number of big websites that are present in the market and how to increase its craze inside the market. 

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